Hello! my name is

Josh Chen

Engineer and Biotech Enthusiast

About me

I am a Schmidt Science Fellow in the Dept. of Chemical Engineering at Caltech. I am excited about building new technologies to positively impact healthcare.

I am a Schmidt Science Fellow and Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow in the Shapiro Lab at the California Institute of Technology. Prior to moving to California, I completed my PhD with Jacob Robinson in Nano-Neurotechnologies where I developed new materials for wireless power transfer that enabled miniaturized implants for neuromodulation and new methods of interfacing bioelectronics with the body. I try to exercise my creative mind as much as possible and love good graphic design! (Check out the Robinson Lab videoshoot I directed below)

B.Sc, University of California, Berkeley 2016 (Maharbiz Lab and Lin Lab)

Videoshoot in quarantine times